9ª Bolsa de Fotografia ZUM/IMS

Visual identity for the 9th ZUM/IMS Photography Scholarship.

Cartaz com vários semicírculos cilíndricos 3D que formam um grande número 9 se observado de um determinado ângulo. Entre as peças do nove está a chamada principal do cartaz "Bolsa de Fotografia" e ao redor informações básicas de serviço.

9ª Bolsa de Fotografia ZUM/IMS

    • Team Giovani Castelucci and Guilherme Vieira

ZUM, Instituto Moreira Salles' photography magazine, annually offers a grant for two original projects by artists and photographers so that they can develop and deepen their work in the field of photography and audiovisual, in the most diverse aspects, without restriction of theme, profile or support.

In 2021 we were invited to create the visual identity for the 9th edition of the initiative. The idea of a nine that is deconstructed by changing the point of view dialogues with the questions "what is photography?", "what can photography be?" and "who can do photography?"

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