Não Oficial

Visual identity for the exhibition held at the Casa da Imagem museum, curated by Henrique Siqueira and Monica Caldiron, with photography by Paulo D’Alessandro.

Não Oficial

In July 2019, curated by Henrique Siqueira and Monica Caldiron, the Casa da Imagem museum inaugurated the “Nao Oficial” exhibition, with works by photographer Paulo D’Alessandro. His photographs portray high society parties in São Paulo through images with unusual framings and characters that appear to be “accomplices” of his look that registers social chronicles.

We created the visual identity and the paths for the expographic design in order to dialogue with the criticism of social habits and the different layers of interpretation provided by the photographer's work. Furthermore, it would be interesting to somehow convey the complicity between photographer and character, visible in his portraits.

The graphic design is made up of letters of different weights and widths, and colors that relate to the photographer's theme. The expographic design seeks to explore the questioning of self-image through a mirror installed in the main room and a flash attached to a timer that fires its light from time to time – simulating the work of a paparazzo. Irreverence is also present in the exhibition through the paintings on the walls, as the colors go beyond the limits of each space, “invading” the wall next to it. The captions follow the same proportion as the portraits, emphasizing their different cutouts – a characteristic of the photographer's work.

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