Escrevivência: a escrita de nós

Cover and graphic design of the book that reveres and dives into the concept-experience created by Conceição Evaristo.

Escrevivência: a escrita de nós

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  • Client Mina Comunicação e Arte
  • Year 2020
  • Place Brasil

Work organized by Constância Lima Duarte and Isabella Rosado Nunes that presents different perspectives on the writing of Conceição Evaristo. The title is inspired by the words of Vitor Eduardo Severo da Silva, a student at the Morro da Cruz Municipal School, in Porto Alegre – RS. In a meeting with the writer, in 2018, she asked an elementary school class what writing means; and Vitor, only six years old, replied: "It's writing about us".

The publication features an unpublished testimonial article by Conceição Evaristo and the text in which she mentions the concept of writing for the first time, written in 1995.

In addition to essays related to education, signed by Angela Dannemann and Dianne Melo, the book features unpublished articles by Aparecida Salgueiro, Assunção Souza e Silva, Constância Lima Duarte, Denise Carrascosa, Eduardo de Assis Duarte, Fernanda Felisberto, Isabella Rosado Nunes, Islene Motta , Lívia Natalia, Ludmilla Lis, Maria Nazareth Fonseca and Rosane Borges.

Printed in a special color, the project has a texture created by the brown present in the section of the book and presents, throughout the entire publication, the work of visual artist Goya Lopes.

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