Agora veja então

Cover of the book by Jamaica Kincaid that tells a story about separation, but also what it means to keep fighting.

Agora veja então

  • Categories
  • Client Companhia das Letras
  • Year 2021
  • Place Brasil
    • Team Giovani Castelucci and Guilherme Vieira
    • Photo Naira Mattia

Through the streams of consciousness of multiple characters, Jamaica Kincaid shows the deep anguish that lies behind apparent perfection. A scathing analysis of the many ways the passing of years affects a marriage, "See Now Then" is a book at once simple and potent.

The characters, in confrontation, despair in everyday situations, their minds trying to linearly understand a reality that here, in fact, is not linear. Writing in the past, present and future, Kincaid makes the passage of time his main narrative tool.

The cover illustration alludes to the 4 family members facing the narrated crisis and the colors reflect the dense atmosphere present in the story.

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