Grécia revisitada – Ensaios sobre cultura grega

Cover of the book of essays by Frederico Lourenço that deals with Greek literature, theater and philosophy throughout the centuries of Hellenic culture.

Grécia revisitada – Ensaios sobre cultura grega

  • Categories
  • Client Carambaia
  • Year 2022
  • Place Brasil
    • Team Giovani Castelucci and Guilherme Vieira
    • Photo Naira Mattia

In this collection of essays, the renowned Portuguese philologist discusses different aspects of literature, theater and philosophy over the centuries of Hellenic Greece. With surprising erudition and knowledge, Frederico's works are divided into three blocks that discuss a long cultural spectrum that encompasses, for example, from Homer's epics to Plato's thought.

The cover features Homer's bust seen from the back, alluding to the different points of view on Greek culture proposed by the author.

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