Sesc Verão 2020

Visual identity for an initiative that yearly promotes the practice of sports and physical activities in all Sesc units in Brazil.

Sesc Verão 2020

To reinforce the importance of practicing sports as a routine, in 2020 Sesc released the schedule for another edition of Sesc Verão, an event that takes place yearly between January and February. This project is part of the institution's actions to promote physical activities and sports, along with Challenge Day and Move Week, so we developed a system in the visual identity to be used for the three campaigns.

The element chosen to guide the graphic pieces was a flag. In the visual identity, we translated in a non-literal way how Sesc sees the importance of developing the physical activities & sports in people’s lives, and in this way, raises the flag for more health in the routine. Inspired by the aesthetic universe related to flags in sports, we created abstract symbols and graphics that, when added together, create the compositions that illustrate the campaign.

During Sesc Verão, all units in Brazilian territory present a series of activities related to the practice of physical activities and sports. Amongst those, there are conversation circles and even classes provided by renowned athletes. Above all, the event seeks to highlight the benefits of practicing physical activities on a regular basis, and thus promoting better quality of life, opportunities for socialization and occupation of public space.

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