O museu do folclore de São José dos Campos

Cover and graphic design of the 26th volume of the "Cadernos de Folclore" collection, organized by the Center for Studies in Popular Culture.

O museu do folclore de São José dos Campos

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  • Client Centro de Estudos da Cultura Popular (CECP), Museu do Folclore de São José dos Campos
  • Year 2020
  • Place Brasil
    • Team Bruno Brito (Arado), Giovani Castelucci and Guilherme Vieira
    • Photos Naira Mattia

The Cadernos de Folclore Collection is a project of the Folklore Museum of São José dos Campos, published by the Cassiano Ricardo Cultural Foundation (FCCR) and the Center for Popular Culture Studies (CECP), and aims to inform and disseminate popular culture for a better understanding and appreciation of human beings in their social environment.

The collection brings important scientific research contributions and experience reports in the areas of folklore and popular culture, being a rich source of consultation and a stimulus to reflection and research; in addition to offering subsidies for future researchers of popular wisdom.

All 26 volumes are freely available in digital format and can be accessed through the Folklore Museum website. The printed books are available to interested parties at the CECP library, at the Folklore Museum.

The graphic design seeks to create stimulating material that is pleasant to browse through, and is inspired by publications such as magazines, family albums and notebooks. The textures that make up the cover and the chapter openings are created from elements present in the interior of São Paulo, such as the caipira bench, the hat, the basket, the viola, among others.

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