3º FIME – Festival Internacional de Música Experimental

Graphic design project for the International Experimental Music Festival, organized by Ibrasotope.

3º FIME – Festival Internacional de Música Experimental

Ibrasotope is an hub that has been dedicated to the experimental music production and diffusion since december of 2007. The third edition of FIME – Festival Internacional de Música Experimental were organized by them on november 2017 and had the participation of national and international artists during 9-day schedule spread over several cultural centers in the city of Sao Paulo. At this edition, the realization of the Festival was hindered by the reduction of cultural programs funding at the local, state and federal levels – reduction that has been started that period and still happen nowadays.

To create the visual identity for this edition of the event, we took into account he political landscape of cultural programs – because of that, they were organizing the festival with small amount of money. Our priority was express this courage to realize this huge event despite the adverse circumstances through the graphic design at posters, printed program and website.

Inserted in this context, we decided to follow the "do it yourself" philosophy so we created our own font that was used in the event visual identity. We used adhesive tape to make it because of their recurring use at protest banners – use due to versatility, low cost and easy handling. Considering that, we recreated the number three in distinct scales to use it in huge applications and as a way to emphasize that FIME were being realized for the third time.

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