A descoberta do insólito: literatura negra e literatura periférica no Brasil (1960-2000)

Cover and graphic design for the second edition – revised and enlarged – of the book by Mário Augusto Medeiros da Silva.

A descoberta do insólito: literatura negra e literatura periférica no Brasil (1960-2000)

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  • Client Edições Sesc
  • Year 2023
  • Place Brasil

The course of black and peripheral literature from the 1960s faced questions, barriers, invisibility, opposition and little appreciation. But, by denying what had always been naturalized to them in common sense and in the country's social history, black and peripheral writers, activists and intellectuals excavated an undeniable space in the history of Brazilian literature through confrontation and resistance.

This can be seen in the recognition that the gift finally confers on names such as Maria Firmina dos Reis, Carolina Maria de Jesus, Paulo Lins, Conceição Evaristo, Marcelo D'Salete, Oswaldo de Camargo, Sérgio Vaz, Kiusam de Oliveira, among others. So many others – today celebrated, awarded and studied.

In this second edition, Mário Medeiros revisits the first edition of his work, from 2013, updating and expanding it with a new chapter, focused on the history of bookstores and publishers dedicated to black literature, and highlighting the power of black female literature in Brazil currently.

The graphic design uses a typography that dialogues directly with manifests due to its structure and stencil characteristics. The title forms a circle that, while reinforcing the concentration of a thematic focus – the author's profile – also alludes to the idea of territory that expands and echoes to the margins.

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