Graphic design for the scenic show Aquilombar – Ocupação Preta, which took place at Sesc Pompeia as part of the program “Do 13 ao 20: (Re)sistencia negra” (From 13 to 20: Black (Re)existence).


Brazil was one of the last colonized countries to abolish slavery in America. As a form of resistance against this slavery system, the black population created communities where they could exercise their culture freely and organize themselves in a sustainable way. These spaces were called quilombos and are very important for the resistance of the African origin culture within Brazil.

As a way of addressing structural racism, Sesc São Paulo organizes the event “Do 13 ao 20” in its units, which discusses racial issues and the black culture. The Aquilombar scenic show, held at Sesc Pompeia, is inserted in this context.

We created the graphic design for the show's booklet, which includes different theater collectives that performed throughout the month of November at Sesc's scenic space. The material should serve as a guide for the show schedule, in addition to containing information about the collectives and the plays.

The graphic design developed had the circle as a guiding element, present in the name of the show and in the graphics created. When fully filled in, the circle alludes to the unity and collective strength present in the quilombos. The graphics created using reticles indicate this movement of densification for the quilombos and also refer to the scenic space, where people gather around an arena.

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