Oficinas de Criatividade do Sesc Pompeia 2020

New format and graphic design for the booklets of the traditional courses promoted by Sesc Pompeia.

Oficinas de Criatividade do Sesc Pompeia 2020

The Creativity Workshops at Sesc Pompeia have existed since the beginning of the 1980s with the aim of democratizing art through courses on a wide range of subjects: from carpentry to embroidery; from comics to analogue photography. Lina Bo Bardi's architectural project was designed to build a plural space and the workshops are an invitation to get your hands dirty and celebrate manual processes and crafting techniques.

To promote the cycle of activities in 2020, we designed a new format for the promotional material, the booklet with the annual program, which included a calendar, pages for notes and registration information. Dialoguing with the architecture of the place, especially with the materiality revealed in its surfaces, we sought to choose formats and materials that caused similar sensations.

Our proposal was intended to allow flexibility in the use of the material, which could be updated with the attendance of courses, where each person could include study materials or remove non-relevant content. In addition to informing, people were invited to take ownership of the booklet.

The whole visual identity is based on the word "workshops". Written in a font with features that allude to the architectural design of the space, several copies of the word were printed, cut, pasted, burned and reconstructed.

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