Outros Navios: Eustaquio Neves photographies

Visual identity for the retrospective exhibition of the photographer's work from Minas Gerais, containing 70 works from 10 series by the artist.

Outros Navios: Eustaquio Neves photographies

A chemist by training, Eustáquio Neves has accumulated, over his career of approximately 40 years of artistic work, series that call for looking at photography without the usual immediacy. Part of this work makes up “Outros Ships: photographs by Eustáquio Neves”, a show curated by Eder Chiodetto that occupied the exhibition areas of Sesc Ipiranga before leaving for a tour at Sesc Rio Preto.

Taking as a starting point characteristics of the photographer's work, such as experimentation, intervention and manipulation as a process, the subjective and oneiric aspect and the critical and racialized thinking, we had the desire to create an accessible, simple and powerful visual identity, which overlapped with the exhibited works themselves.

The title of the exhibition was created with fragments of two typographies of different styles, resulting in a composition that dialogues with the layers of meaning present in the artist's work. With regard to colors, black, white and gray create a sober context while red attributes a myriad of meanings to the set.

In the first assembly of the exhibition, words with different meanings were applied to the wall in front of the view of the Ipiranga Museum, reopened at the same time as the opening of the exhibition. Red acrylic sheets were installed on the railing that separates the two institutions, creating a texture from the light that passed through them. For the tour of São José do Rio Preto, the idea was transposed into a graphic created from the title of the exhibition, which was applied with a translucent red adhesive on the glass doors that run throughout the entire exhibition space at Sesc.

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